Day with Magiesta

See how you can customize your Magiesta to match the way you live!

Good morning

7:00 AM
Your home wakes with you!

The house warms before you rise, your favorite song fades in, and the shades go up to let in the morning light.

Your day can begin

8:00 AM
Leave home with one touch!

You are in a hurry to be at work and in the meantime, your kids shouldn't miss the bus for school. Just with one touch on the scenario “Activate the alarm”, turn off the lights, put down the blinds, activate the alarm and get out the door faster.

Keep an eye on pets

12:00 PM
Anytime from anywhere!

In order to make sure that everything is fine in your house and that your dog didn't eat your favorite flowers, monitor your home from the office over the laptop.

Take your time

6:00 PM
Relax your mind!

Heat up your pool on your way home and take a quiet moment for yourself before preparing dinner for your friends!

Alexa, dinner time

8:00 PM
Let your house prepare the atmosphere for an evening meal!

With your voice assistant Alexa, you can easily adjust the environment to your needs.

With one command “Alexa, dinner time” your home will do everything instead of you. Put down the blinds, close the curtains, dim the lights and play relaxing music in the background.

Good night

12:00 AM
Getting ready to turn in for the night?

Curl up with your favorite show and run the scenario “Good night” to turn off the lights and all unnecessary devices and lower the thermostat from the comfort of the bed.

Magiesta experience

Magiesta offers a variety of features intended to provide better integration and control of devices and equipment within your home, higher accessibility of data and content and overall a better usage of free time.

All this with the touch of exclusivity! Magiesta is tailored both for classic devices like a pc with a mouse and keyboard, as well as for new upcoming touch screen oriented devices.

Usage in both cases is simple and intuitive. Once you get used to Magiesta, you are going to add another piece of quality to your life.

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