Magiesta app for iOS and Android

With our free app you can control your Magiesta Smart Home from your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or Android smartphone.

  • User friendly application for easy control from any modern (tablet, smartphone…) device
  • Minimum requirements
  • The app is absolutely free
  • Just insert Magiesta server address and enjoy

Home automation online demo

Central feature in Magiesta is interface to X10 home automation system, control of devices and usage of automated sequences of actions - macros. Through simple screens with displayed devices you can invoke actions and macros and adjust your home to meet your current mode or activity: romantic evening, home theater, dinner with family, poker with friends, etc. Just let your imagination and lifestyle help you to create most proper environment.


Download and buy Magiesta X 10 software

Note: Magiesta software is fully operable only with CM15Pro Computer interface.
Demo version is fully operable but limited to the period of 30 days.
During this period you can enjoy all the Magiesta features and then you can decide to buy the licence and activate your already instaled Magiesta software.


*We process the payment via a secure gateway.


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