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MagiestaTM experience

Magiesta offers a variety of features intended to provide better integration and control of devices and equipment within your home, higher accessibility of data and content and overall a better usage of free time.

All this with the touch of exclusivity! Magiesta is tailored both for classic devices like a pc with a mouse and keyboard, as well as for new upcoming touch screen oriented devices.

Usage in both cases is simple and intuitive. Once you get used to Magiesta, you are going to add another piece of quality to your life.

iPhone or iPod Touch

iPhone and iPod touch are really powerful devices. Magiesta has the support for these devices using a native and simple interface. The main features are available both within a local network, when you are in your home wondering through the rooms, or remotely from outside of home network, when you are wondering the world!


A PC provides the possibility of full control and monitoring to be established. Usage via PC is both suitable for local control (from armchair or kitchen) as well as for control from your office or from an airport, during a trip or vacation.

Mobile devices

You'll need it! When you arrive on an airport and are driving home, you'll like to come to a cooled home with heated water in the pool, a ready sauna, or whatever you have in your home. The support for mobile devices allows easy access to Magiesta and invocation of macros and access to other available features.