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I have only good things to say about how Magiesta work. It's fast and reliable, easy to install and tech support it's very responsive. I think that some new feature like audio stream to DLNA speakers will increase customer interest for this solution.

Augustin Gheorghe
HDL dealer from Romania

It gives a lot of possibilities for management of the home automation systems. It's easy to synchronise Magiesta with the system. It's visual interfaces are intuitive to use and attractive by design. It's very important to underline that behind Magiesta is the team of it's developers which are very fast in their response on our requests whenever we need it.

Nebojsa Rajic
HDL dealer from Serbia

Listen mp3 music and online radio stations.

Plug internet cable or USB flash and cable of your audio amplifier to Magiesta server and ENJOY!


Magiesta is a server solution intended for control of home automation, automation of devices, obtaining data and for communication.

Energy consumption

New functionality in Magiesta collects data from the power meter, storing them to database and display it in the form of several reports. Magiesta can display the change of voltage, power and frequency in time on the charts. Monitoring of consumption at any hour, day and week, as well as a comparison with consumption from the previous period.


According to your current activities or mood, lights, shutters, audio, video and other devices are going to be adjusted to follow you in each step. Just one touch of Magiesta will turn your home into a cinema, opera or crazy discotheque. Or in something more fantastic!


Magiesta provides the possibility of a number of different video sources to be configured. By adding an IP address of the camera and credentials (if needed), you can add another monitoring point and thus increase the level of security. The Video wall shows all available sources in a preview screen...


Here you can see all the heating/cooling zones controlled by Magiesta with the current and desired temperatures in the zones, the open/closed valve signalizes if heating is on or off in a zone. It is also possible to create plans and events and thus increase the comfort and efficiency.


Simply add your places of interest and track weather conditions as well as the forecast for upcoming days… and no more surprises! Just pack your bags and go for an adventure! The Weather module provides the information about present weather conditions as well as for the upcoming 3 days.


Integrated and simple access to email accounts is available via Magiesta: your POP3 and IMAP4 accounts are going to be observed upon your request. Emails are displayed in a clear and comprehensive form organised in a way to provide fast access to information.

Info RSS support

Magiesta includes the support for reading and displaying RSS feeds. Just add your favourite feed channel and enjoy fresh news each time you approach the application. You can add any number of different feeds and have them accessible in a fast way. Magiesta supports all the most popular and widely used RSS formats.

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Magiesta is powerful software intended for remote control of smart homes and smart building – from all devices that supports Internet.

Magiesta is server based solution that requires no more then 30 minutes to integrate in the system of home automation.

We put our software on Raspberry PI because that solution provide absolute reliability, fast implementation and possibility of making constant updates in a few minutes.

Thanks to Magiesta, our clients manage remotely more then 400 smart houses.

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Magiesta Smart Home